Twilight of Empire: Responses to Occupation


Journal Entries from CODEPINK’s Iraq Trip

CODEPINK’s Jodie Evans, who traveled to Baghdad directly before and after the war, explains the stratification between American economic interests and Iraqi helplessness that is the occupation’s chief characteristic.

Contributors: Lynsey Addario, Fadhil al-Azzawi, Medea Benjamin, Tiosha Bojorquez Chapela, Kristina Borjesson, Anne E. Brodsky, Mike Davis, Jodie Evans, Tahmeena Faryal, Sandra Fu, Amy Goodman, Amir Hussain, Eman Ahmed Khammas, Naomi Klein, Mark LeVine, Yanar Mohammed, Viggo Mortensen, Christian Parenti, Jerry Quickley, Omid Safi, Lauren Sandler, Ambassador Joseph Wilson, Nadia Yassine